OPA World Championships

Friday, October 3, 2014
​All Day


​​​12pm - 4pm
12pm - 3pm​​​

12pm - 3pm​​

Arrival of Race Boats - Race Village - TBA

Crane Area - TBA
Wet Pits - TBA
Ramp - West Ocean City Public Ramp
Wash Down Area - TBA​

Race Boat Inspections - West Ocean City Public Ramp

Racers Registration - TBA

GPS Registration - TBA

Meet the Racers Party - TBA

Saturday, October 4, 2014
All Day
Arrival of Race Boats - Race Village - West Ocean City Public Ramp

​9am - 4pm                                           
Race Boat Inspections - West Ocean City Public Ramp
10am - 3pm



​10am - 1:30pm​
10am - 4pm

​​​10am - 5pm

10am - 4pm​​​​​

Swim/Dunker Testing - Private Residence
​(Address is available in Registration)

Course Buoys set

​​Drivers Meeting
- Ocean City USCG Station - 610 South Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD

Racers Registration -Crab Alley

GPS Registration - GPS Trailer - Crab Alley

Crane lift and Ramp operational
Race Boat testing on course as per Race Control​​

Race Control Operational​
6:30pm​​                                       ​​​
7pm - ???
Volunteer & Patrol Fleet Meeting - Crab Alley
​Meet the Racers Party - TBA

Sunday, October 5, 2014
All Day Race Village and Vendors in operation
7:30am Team physicals - Ocean City USCG Station
7:30am Course Buoy’s set
9am Drivers meeting - Ocean City USCG Station
Medical and Dive team briefing - Ocean City USCG Station
9am Patrol Fleet Briefing - Ocean City USCG Station
10am - 5pm Crane lift and Ramp operational
10am Race Control Operational
11am Race Patrol Fleet and Course Support Fleet on station
RACE 1 (start subject to adjustment)
RACE 2 (start subject to adjustment)
RACE 3 (if necessary)

GPS Readings - GPS Trailer - Crab Alley
Return immediately following completion of each race​​​
7pm                            ​ Awards Ceremony - Crab Alley
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The State of Maryland has a Mandatory Helmet Law

No person shall operate or ride upon any motorcycle or motor scooter upon the public roads or highways of this state unless such person is wearing on his or her head a crash helmet of the type and design inspected and approved by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.​​

Maryland vehicle law requires all motor scooters and mopeds to be titled and insured. All motor scooter and moped operators must hold a valid driver's license or a moped operator's permit and wear a helmet and eye protection. All motor scooters must display a title decal on the rear of the vehicle. ​​